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✧ Large Agate Sun Catchers ✧

These lovely window hangers are made with light-catching crystals. When they hang in your window and the sunlight hits, they create a pretty array of rainbows on your walls. The perfect way to bring some life and color into your space!

(These are longer, heavier and have a larger crystal than my other designs!)

S-hook allows you to hang the chain around a curtain rod, nail or ceiling hook.

*:・✧ DETAILS ✧・:*

Each sun catcher has a unique agate slice, varying in size and shape. Please see photos for details.

Blue measures approximately 19"
(#1, #4, #7)

Brown measures approximately 18.5"
(#2, #5, #8)

Purple measures approximately 18.25"
(#3, #6, #9)

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